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YOUNG WAR Is A New York Based Luxury Mens Fashion Brand. “YOUNG WAR” Is Defined By A Bricolage Of Inspiration Which Contrasts Coherent Designs And Creates The Brand’s Signature Aesthetic. I Am Born And Raised In Dublin, I’m A Self-Taught Designer With A B.A. In Business Studies. I Don’t Hold A Degree From A Fashion School. I Have A Personal Obsession To Create A Luxury Streetwear Brand Inspired By Past Sages Of Creativity.

“My Endeavour Was To Create From A Personal Level Of Taste And Aesthetics. YOUNG WAR Is My Vision Of What Luxury Streetwear Should Portray And Is My Perspective On Fashion. This Has, And Always Will Be, A Developing And Evolving Work Of Creativity”. YOUNG WAR Is Characterised By Precise Fits And Specific Materials With The Highest Quality And Craftsmanship In The World Today. With Exact Stitching Lines, Trimmings, Cottons And Wools Together With Long-Fibre Silks, Everything In This Collection Is To The Highest Level. YOUNG WAR Is Immediately Distinguishable From Other Luxury Streetwear Brands As It Shows Dedication To The Craft By Being Superlative And Transparent. Nothing Is Ever Disguised By Hype.

“Convinced That Luxury Should Mean Luxury, I Started To Create What I Perceived Was The Vital Missing Link. The Concept Of YOUNG WAR’s Debut Collection ‘PATIENCE’ Evolved From A Continuing Editing Process. Knowing What I Desired Right From The First Design, I Patiently Developed A Process To Ensure Success. Concentrating On Every Aspect Of Design, I Created Every Piece, Chose Every Fabric, Designed Every Graphic, Font, Label, Tag, Button, Rivet And Zip. I Carefully Selected The Models, Location, Photographer And Director. I Also Co-Composed The Music For The ‘PATIENCE’ Film. Everything You Can See, Hold, Hear And Wear Is My Vision Of Fashion, Culture, Style And Class. I Feel Very Fortunate To Have The Gift Of Creativity And Am Determined To Utilise It Responsibly.”

YOUNG WAR Is Committed To The Pursuit Of Excellence. “I Want People To Pick Up A YOUNG WAR Piece And Feel The Difference In Quality, Weight And Finish Which Is So Salient It Is Difficult To Put Down. I Want It To Be That Piece In Your Wardrobe Which Was Worth Your Time And Investment – That ‘Go To’ Piece When You Feel Good, And When You Don’t Feel Too Good. I Want Other Brands To Raise Their Standards.”

This Is The Dawn Of An Exciting New Brand. In This Year 2018, When Many Brands Are Built To Signalise The Popular Child; When To Fit In Rather Than Stand Out Is Important, YOUNG WAR Will Undoubtedly Differentiate Itself And Its Patrons From The Pack. “Our Clothing Is Made For The Shepherd, Not The Sheep.”

“It Cannot Defy Belief That Someone From My Small Corner Of The Map Can Create And Design Clothes In New York And Reach The Top Of The World. Nothing Is Achieved Overnight. It Takes Dedication, Single-Mindedness And Belief In Myself And My Creations And To Never Allow My Motivation Or Belief To Waiver – Not For A Single Moment. It Takes Patience.”

Eric Russel McCarthy

“The Duty Of Youth Is To Challenge Corruption” – Kurt Cobain